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5 common misconceptions about estate planning

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Estate Planning

Planning for the future of your estate is something you have to do at some point. However, many put off the process, perhaps waiting for the perfect moment or due to a lack of information about what it entails.

As a result, people often die without solid estate plans, and their loved ones end up paying the price. Below are some of the most common misconceptions about estate planning in general:

“I’m too young to make estate plans.”

Most young people think estate plans are meant for old folk with children and grandchildren. However, estate planning has no ideal age. As long as you are an adult of sound mind, you can decide what happens to your assets once you are gone.

“I am not rich enough for a will.”

You do not need to have a large estate to plan for it. Begin with the little you have and adjust as your estate grows.

In addition, there is more to estate planning than the assets you own. It’s also deciding who should make decisions about your health or finances if you are incapacitated.

“I only need a will, nothing else.”

Even if a will is an important estate planning document, you need to explore other options such as trusts when formulating your estate plans. You might find it easier to achieve your objectives if you are aware of all the available options when making your estate plans.

“It is a one-off process.”

Estate planning is not something that you do and forget about. Life changes and your estate plans should too. It is recommended that you revisit your estate plans every couple of years and ensure it is up to date.

“I do not need help.”

While only you can decide the fate of your estate, it is wise to get assistance in handling the legalities involved when planning for your estate. You may be surprised by how much you can save your estate and learn if you get informed advice on how to go about everything.