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To be successful in the area of estate planning, a lawyer must know the many ways that estate plans can fail to account for the unexpected, leading to confusion and legal disputes between family members. The opposite is also true: To be successful in estate litigation, a lawyer must have extensive familiarity with both common and lesser known estate planning tools, and how they are used to accomplish long-term financial goals.

Our attorney, Elliot S. Blut, offers experience in both areas of estate law. As an experienced litigator with a reputation for assertive and effective trial strategies, he brings a results-focused approach to legal disputes involving estate plans. Recognizing the need to proceed in these cases delicately to avoid long-term family fractures whenever possible, he also takes an unwavering stance in advocating for our clients’ legal position.

Knowing what happens when people do not have clear and comprehensive estate plans in place, he is equally dedicated to helping our clients and their families avoid the kinds of misunderstandings that often result in litigation. Our estate planning practice is grounded in the belief that sound legal advice tailored to a client’s unique achievements and goals is the best way to ensure that his or her wishes are carried out with minimal confusion or disagreement by families when the time comes.

“The needs of someone starting an estate plan from scratch are different from those of someone revising or expanding an existing estate plan. The needs of a family facing the probate process are different still. I am highly experienced in all areas of estate planning and administration to give you the help you need, no matter what stage of the process you or your family finds itself.” — Elliot S. Blut

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