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Commercial Arbitration Lawyer

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When a dispute over the terms of a contract arises, many businesses and their customers immediately assume that the only way to prevail in an outcome is through costly and time-consuming litigation.

The increasing use of arbitration as a way to resolve legal disputes means that this belief simply isn’t true. As more and more business contracts include mandatory arbitration provisions, fewer cases involving breach of contract or other common business disputes ever reach a full trial. This can give either party to a contract some solace that they won’t have to endure a taxing litigation process, while also generating uncertainty as to how the arbitration process itself will unfold.

Why You Need An Experienced Litigation Attorney To Represent You In Arbitration Proceedings

While arbitration is a legal process distinct from traditional litigation, success in arbitration relies on many of the same fundamental skills that are effective in civil trials. These include extensive experience with discovery and other aspects of case development, effective oral advocacy skills and the ability to anticipate the strongest arguments the other side is likely to advance.

Having experienced litigation counsel also matters because arbitration is a binding process: Both sides have one opportunity to make their case, and the decision that a neutral arbitrator renders is final. This means that your lawyer must have an unflinching dedication to building the strongest possible case and persuasively make that case to an arbitrator.

Attorney Elliot S. Blut has represented many clients in California and Nevada required to submit to arbitration proceedings, and in each case has drawn on his significant litigation background to ensure that the other side is not allowed to gain the upper hand. At our firm, our clients’ bottom line is our bottom line, and we use every available resource to help them come out ahead in a legal dispute, whether it is resolved in arbitration or through a civil trial.

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