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To be successful in disputes involving corporate directors and a company’s shareholders, a lawyer must know more than black letter law. He or she must also have a real-world understanding of the issues facing businesses and how litigation can affect all parties and the corporation itself.

During more than two decades in practice, attorney Elliot S. Blut has successfully represented shareholders, corporate officers and third parties alike in shareholder litigation, and in doing so learned how all sides in such disputes approach this undeniably complex area of the law — an important asset as you seek a law firm to represent your legal and financial interests. Our firm also offers you the benefit of knowing that you will work directly with your attorney for the duration of the case, one who through years practicing in the Southern California and Nevada legal communities has also developed an extensive network of additional resources to draw upon when appropriate.

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Through their financial investment, shareholders undisputedly have a vital stake in the activities of the businesses in which they have invested. At the same time, their general power to intervene in the day-to-day activities of a corporation is largely limited, this power instead being given to a board of directors, who appoints officers and is responsible for business dealings.

An exception to this arrangement exists in cases where shareholders have reason to believe that corporate officers or other entities are causing harm to the corporation, but directors decide against bringing direct legal action. In these cases, shareholders can be empowered to bring claims directly against officers or third parties on behalf of the corporation, and to seek monetary damages that would be returned to the corporation.

In addition to being a substantively complex area of the law, shareholder lawsuits (formally known as derivative lawsuits) are subject to numerous technical requirements. Whether you are a shareholder who suspects malfeasance within a company or are a corporate board who must respond to the demands of shareholders, it is important that your legal counsel know how to respond and proceed.

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