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Partnership Disputes Lawyer

More than anything else, a business partnership is a serious investment of one’s time, in the belief that success in the business world is best achieved in partnership with someone who shares similar goals.

At the same time, any partnership — whether a family business or simply the union of two professionals — is also a significant investment of financial resources and a venture that can expose all partners to significant legal liability. Anytime business partners cannot agree on a course of action, not only do the partners themselves stand to suffer; the business does as well.

Resolving disagreements in a way that protects a client’s most vital legal interests while accounting for his or her longer-term business goals requires an effective strategy: the ability to act aggressively in the event of an impasse and a willingness to pursue more consensus-driven solutions whenever possible. Only an experienced commercial litigation attorney can provide this client-focused, results-driven strategy, and with 30 years of litigation experience in California and Nevada, attorney Elliot S. Blut can help you in the face of a partnership dispute that threatens the success that you have worked so hard to achieve.

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We understand through years of experience representing business partners in contract disputes, claims of breach of fiduciary duty and other claims that understanding the core legal issues form only one part of a successful strategy. Just as important is a client’s longer term business goals and understanding what “success” in the face of a legal dispute looks like.

We help our clients succeed by tailoring our approach to meet their definition of success. For many clients, this means resolving disagreements in a manner that allows the partnership to continue for years to come. For others, it may mean a dissolution of the partnership altogether. We provide the guidance and aggressive representation you need to minimize your legal and financial liability.

Whether you believe your partnership has veered off course or you have become the target of accusations from a partner, we can begin developing a strategy to respond during a confidential consultation with our partnership disputes lawyer. Send an email now or call 310-220-0598 in California, 702-706-0727 in Nevada.