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2 things to consider when naming a power of attorney

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan is a task that all adults should complete. When you’re considering how to set this up, you can’t neglect to designate people to handle the power of attorney duties. These individuals will step in to make certain decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to make them due to incapacitation. 

You need to set two types of power of attorney designations. One of these gives someone the ability to make health care decisions for you. The other enables them to make financial decisions. 

#1: Location matters

While there aren’t limitations on where the people you name on the power of attorney documents live, it’s best if they live within a reasonable distance from you. There are certain things they may need to handle in person. Being able to do so quickly and easily is a much better situation than having to try to come in from far away to take care of things. 

#2: Logical thinkers

The person you name should be able to think clearly and without allowing their emotions to overtake them. It’s usually best if you can talk to them before they have to do these duties so they know what you want. The person who has the health care power of attorney should know what’s in your advance directive so they can ensure it’s being followed. 

Having a comprehensive estate plan in place can give you peace of mind and help your loved ones at the end of your life and when you pass away. Working with someone who understands your wishes and can help you to make these wishes a reality.